Xcelsius updating data


In this Blog we look at some of the options and steps of using Query as a Web Service in Xcelsius.

I also take a look at the benefits and limitations of this popular interface to external data and services. Berg The Steps to Make it Work Query as a Web Service (Qaa WS) can be used as a data connection within Xcelsius.

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I am having a real problem with what appears to be the scalability of the various components which make an Xcelsius dashboard. XLS model which has a raw pre-aggregated dataset of about 5000 rows by 25 columns (Current YTD monthly trend, Previous Year monthly trend, etc).

Before I jump into things like the concept of sliding panels, we need to cover some of the basics.

If you are going to invest in the Inovista add-ons, I highly recommend that you get the full developer suite for 9.

This will be updated on load of the SWF file by an XML feed. The XLF (even with minimal charts and no dynamic visibility) generates at 12MB and the SWF about 1MB.

There are then various other Tabs in the for lookup, sumif, and other formulas. The time to save the XLF is massive (up to 5 minutes) and then to generate the SWF also a few minutes.

Some dashboards have a lot going on and maybe a simple loading spinner doesn’t cut it. If you have several queries, you could count the number of them that have returned data to update the overall progress.

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