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Then there’s the Xbox One subreddit, which, again, hosts preview Program Members with a console that won’t update.I don't know how Microsoft figured out how to trick the Xbox One to play Xbox 360 games, but it sounds like complete sorcery, and it's easily my favorite feature of the system.

So, every time you insert a new game disc in the console, the system automatically starts downloading and installing the game updates along with the game on the hard drive.If yes, you may be experiencing one of the following symptoms, .Thereafter, under the “Queue” section of ‘My games & apps’, note the download speed shown on the game or app that is being installed. If you notice slow speeds, it may take some time to download the game.Here are a few tweets concerning updates for games like Based on my reading and research, this problem is exclusive to Xbox One Preview Program members.Regular Xbox One users are updating fine, at least those with consoles that needed an update this morning, but those of us in the Preview Program? With a wired network connection that my Xbox says is “all good,” stable home internet and a relatively recent update, it’s impossible to get online with my console right now.If Sony copies anything from the Xbox One, it should be how Microsoft has handled backwards compatibility.

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