Who is raheem devaughn dating


[Verse 1:] Ain't it about time that we start livin this life by leadin as examples. [Chorus:] Who (who) who (oh yea) who who (who you) who who (if you don't recognize). [Verse 2:] Yeah you got the crib of ya dreams and you rollin on dubs. (where) You betta rememba, for every picket fence in the suburbs, down the street there's a growin ghetto, on the other side.

, who's gonna live for us, who's gonna live for love, or the name, or the music ??

Raheem Devaughn is an American singer and songwriter. His second album Love Behind the Melody was released in January 2008.

It featured the singles "Guess Who Loves You More" and "You".

In other words Raheem said that ain't working on him and for most men, it's a damn near impossible feat.

Also when he revealed his celeb crush, we were like 'Now he know she would never talk to him because he's way too young for her.' But we were dead wrong.

It featured the singles "Guess Who Loves You More" and "You".

I hope you don't mind, if the illest words you ever heard, flow through me right about now. (oh failin to realize) (oh yea, oh yea) [Chorus:] Who (oh oh) who (who cares) who who (who's gonna lead us) who who (is anybody listening out there) who (it's so who) who (who yea) who who (oh) who who (you gotta understand). See the choice (choices we make) we make seals our faith (ooh Lord yea). [Bridge:] Who's gonna really care, who's gonna take us there, who's gonna change there ways, who's gonna pay the price, who's gonna change their life, who's gonna takes us there, who's gonna find the path, who's gonna live ??

He has been keeping REAL soul music alive since the day he stepped onto the scene in the early 2000’s.

His second album Love Behind the Melody was released in January 2008. De Vaughn was nominated for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 2008 Grammy Awards for the single “Woman”.

In 2015, he had released his fifth album, Love Sex Passion.

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So because we, here at ILOSM, are fans of many of his hits, including “You,” Bulletproof,” Guess Who Love’s You More, “Temperature’s Rising,” and more, we wanted to chop it up with Raheem to get to know the brotha behind the music.

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