Who is blair waldorf dating in real life


She wore the most amazing wedding ensemble (pictured above), he wears the same flannel shirt four times a week.

They have a secret love child that neither of them seem to care about, and she left him for the back-from-the-fake-dead-but-maybe-really-dead-now snake Bart Bass (who "died" the night she was already leaving him for Rufus) yet I somehow still think (and hope) we'll see the Van Der Humphreys reunited tonight.

Spoilers ahead, so beware if you haven't finished binge-watching 4.

Gigi and Serena have way more in common than you might think.

Do you know how many girls have taken photos of Gigi and Serena to the hairdresser and said, "Like this?

If you want to use this game with a large guest list (we've rounded up the names of 50 couples, which will accommodate 100 guests), feel free to use some of the name pairs twice; just be sure to cut the duplicate cards in half with a different pair of decorative scissors, so the pattern will tell people which set of cards is a perfect match.

Since just about everyone on the show has hooked up at one point it was hard to keep this from becoming a novel, but here's our condensed list of the couples that worked, and the couples that should have been banned from Manhattan.

instead, it would have been entertaining on purpose instead of by accident. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have so much chemistry my TV screen melts a little each time they are on it. Blair could maybe get past his Brooklyn upbringing, but the most polished woman alive would never truly fall for someone with such unkempt hair.

It's hard not to get antsy when you're waiting for Leighton Meester to show up.

After all, on Gossip Girl, she plays Manhattan-socialite-in-training Blair Waldorf, who's so convincingly evil, scheming, and selfish, you'd have to think that she pours a lot of herself into the character.

, we'd assume she was the inspiration behind Serena. Gigi's ex-step-dad David Foster used to be married to actress/songwriter/beauty queen Linda Thompson, who was once married to Caitlyn Jenner, Kendall's dad (watch Gigi try to explain the whole thing). Plus they each have lots of half-siblings and step-siblings.

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