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Historically, the Pembroke has been attributed to the influx of dogs alongside Flemish weavers from around the 10th century, while the Cardigan is attributed to the dogs brought with Norse settlers, in particular a common ancestor of the Swedish Vallhund.A certain degree of interbreeding between the two types has been suggested to explain the similarities between the two.Traditionally, the tails were of different shapes, but docking had previously been used.

Steele deserves the success which I am sure this book will command. BERTIE, Past-President, Australian Historical Society. The substance of this volume ran through the columns of the between August, 1914, end February, 1915. In the year 1794 Lieut.-Governor Major Grose placed the first twenty-two settlers along the banks of the Hawkesbury River and South Creek, railed then Ruse's Creek, as James Ruse, the man who first grew wheat at Parramatta, had a grant of land at the junction of that stream with the Hawkesbury. Corps were sent up, and the settlement of Windsor, then called Green Hills, was fairly launched. Andrew Thompson appears to have had some literary taste, for in an advertisement in the Sydney Gazette, 9th December, 1804, he asked that those to whom he had loaned certain books would kindly return them. Walker (the ancestor of many Methodist ministers), J. Among those present, as circuit minister for a second term, was the Rev. Wilkinson, who was also present when the foundation stone of the burnt church was laid, in 1838.

But it is true that Dwynwen was the daughter to Brychan Brycheiniog (son of an Irish king).

Some said he had 36 children, and all his daughters were supposed to be beautiful.

In the version I tell children, I say her father was very angry and Dwynwen ran away.

Maelon followed her and lost his temper with her when she wouldn't marry him because she didn't want to disobey her father.

For centuries Wales has been represented by a green and white flag with a red dragon in the middle, but what do we actually know about the flag and just why did the Welsh choose to have it symbolise Wales?

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