Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Smart Mailboxes are an essential part of my Mail workflow, so you can imagine how unhappy I was when they stopped working properly in OS X 10.9.I’m not sure why they’re broken, but the common symptoms are: If you depend on Smart Mailboxes, this is incredibly frustrating.Some times Apple mail not showing inbox unread count on dock.

This includes the following: We added new search and filtering capabilities for Pending, Sent, and Past.My best explanation is that it is a software bug; something only Apple can fix, as it seemingly has nothing to do with the email service being used.While you can’t technically fix the problem, you can make it go away.While Mail has always had problems and desperately needs a public and stable plugin API so integrations with my favorite applications and plugins don’t break on every update, it still beats the alternatives.Mail’s issues with Gmail have been widely reported and somewhat addressed, but what’s bugging me is Mail’s Smart Mailboxes.No matter what you do, it seems that up can’t clear that inaccurate number of unread emails.

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