Updating quickbooks to r5


Though most patches are good, they can cause several types of issues.

Sometimes you’re constantly prompted to apply a patch, perhaps when you already did, or the process to apply the patch fails with an error or crash, or the patch itself when applied causes issues or feature changes you don’t want.

In an earlier article I talked about the new Quick Books Messenger feature, which some people love and others hate.

I provided a method that you could use to turn it off, which involved renaming or erasing a file.

This helps – but it would be nice if they modified the Quick Books Messenger feature to be more useful.

To Repair the Quick Books installation, see Quick Books Support – How to Repair Quick Books Quick Books by default is configured to automatically download patch releases.

Here’s how to check: Reports TD1 Review List You will see a list of your employees.

The columns contain the Payroll Province and Federal and Provincial ‘Current’ and ‘Suggested’ TD1.

These are often known as “R” releases, such as R3, R4, R5 and so on.

Once they are downloaded, then you’re prompted to install them each time you start Quick Books.

Here are the updates for Quick Books POS Desktop v12, r5.

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