Updating light fixtures with spray paint

Homeowners are sometimes reluctant to follow through on this recommendation because they don’t want to spend money hiring an electrician to install new fixtures, or deal with drywall patching and the other minor repairs that often go along with the process of replacing a fixture.

Fortunately, there are a variety of relatively pain-free options for dealing with this home staging challenge.

One coat should cover just fine, in fact I spray everything with this!

(We even painted our ugly brass chandeliers at church!

I’ll be the guinea pig for this little experiment,and we’ll see how the faucet holds up without a primer. If it doesn’t, I guess I will “have” to buy a new faucet for the sink. 😉 Now, it would have been SO much easier to spray paint the faucet (Rust-Oleum also offer the same product in spray paint), but I did not want to have to remove the faucet. When I pulled off the tape, the paint had seeped through some areas of the tape.

I actually used the chiseled end of a wooden kabob stick to scrape the extra paint off. I’m not sure how it will hold up, but I do like the way it looks!

Anyway, I replaced them with much larger versions that were a pretty, dark bronze color: Well, they In my book, the only thing worse than shiny brass coach light is a pink coach light.

I checked out a few oil rubbed bronze options and it turned out my old stand-by can be used indoors I thought I could just take the top off the light fixture and remove the glass, but that wasn’t working.

I know…it’s awesome and all, but I’m already missing my sweaters. :) Anyway, when we built our house, we upgraded the elevation, (exterior of the house) but didn’t add any extras to the curb appeal – landscaping, lights, etc. Back in the day, they matched the light on our porch: We don’t get much full sun on the front of our house, so I chalk it up to the fact that they were fairly inexpensive six years ago -- each I think?

This is a great example of an inexpensive way to spruce up your home one step at a time!

Next time, try your gold kitchen knobs, or that brass lamp in the corner. You may also want to try this simple DIY Lampshade Revamp with Spray Paint Or make this DIY Cake Stand/Jewelry Catch All I’m Amber Anderson, I am a pastors wife, mom of 2 lovely boys, and an avid DIY’er.

And it was extra fun because the paper taped to the garage caused quite a few what-is-that-chick-? :) A sweet little girl from down the street even walked down to ask why I had paper all over the house.

We priced them out and figured it would be around 0 for three new ones.

During my time as a home stager, one of the most common recommendations I made during the staging consultation process was to “update your light fixtures”.

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