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NOTE: If you have been using either Pocket Mac or The Missing Sync to synchronize your Black Berry with the Mac you will receive another warning note letting you know that in order to proceed, the connection between your Black Berry and the 3rd party synchronization software will need to be discontinued.Once the computer restarts, plug in your Black Berry and put it into "Mass Storage Mode" if it doesn't automatically do this.If you've got all the necessary tools listed above, the Black Berry OS install process should be a breeze. First things first, you'll want to download the new Black Berry OS and save it to your PC.To determine what OS version you're currently running, click the Options icon on your Black Berry home screen and select About.Your OS version will be listed as a series of numbers after a lowercase V (v4.2.2.184) on the first screen.You can also employ the Help Me screen shortcut to determine your current OS version by hitting ALT, SHIFT and the letter H.

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It also allows you to transfer videos, i Photo albums, and i Tunes songs and playlists.

Research In Motion (RIM) is constantly developing and testing new software and applications for your Black Berry.

Keeping up to date with the newest operating system (OS) software for your smartphone ensures that you have access to all the latest and greatest features and performance tweaks.

Mac owners were left out in the cold for almost four years before Research in Motion (RIM) finally released Black Berry Desktop Manager for Mac.

Now the wait is over, though the reaction around the Mac community has been less than impressive, with many users reporting problems and sync issues after the recent update to version 1.0.1.

Black Berry Desktop Manager for Mac is supposed to allow Mac users to easily sync data from popular applications like i Cal, Address Book, Microsoft Entourage and others.

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