Updating bios with a flash drive

At the same time, make a note of the exact name and extension of the update file.

Do not remove the USB flash drive from your computer. Press the key required by your computer to enter the BIOS, usually the F2 or another function key.

When the update is complete, you can replace the current processor with a new 4th generation Intel Core processor.

If the recovery key is not known this can result in data loss or an unnecessary operating system re-install.

This how-to guide will show you how you can flash/update your BIOS on GIGABYTE motherboards.

Short for "basic input and output system," the BIOS is the main program on your computer and it needs updating now and then to ensure that your machine functions correctly.

If the computer manufacturer releases an updated BIOS, you'll need to flash the BIOS on your PC to update it.

There are several ways to do this but we will show you two ways here.

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