Updating acer aspire one


This link - - may help with turning off automatic updates in Windows XP and Windows 7.

but you will have less choice when it comes to software.

Well limb0ist, If you like they way windows "feels" as an overall OS, then Downgrade to Windows 7.

from personal experience, Windows 8 is great, if your laptop/computer is more tablet than computer.

My recommendation (as can be seen in the video) is to go get the latest BIOS version for your particular model of Acer Aspire One. I got my first PC in 1994 and it was love at first sight.

These are the instructions site with the instructions: One AOA110/Aspire One AOA110faq22.shtml And here’s the Acer official web site in case you need it: If you found this information useful or you have any questions please leave a comment. Ever since I have been working with hardware and software both as a paid job and as a hobby.

Windows 10 is great for the people that only use their computer for general life tasks and don't really care for gaming, large downloading, and prefer ease of use over performance, stability, and reliability.

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