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However, there is one website that wasn’t intentionally created for romance, but is becoming the trending destination for hook ups. Twitter accounts can be personality Cliffs Notes in getting to know someone.With only 140 characters at a time to speak your mind, Twitter is like speed-dating with your fingers.For singles who want to meet new people, Date Hookup is the top choice!Start meeting singles near you now, and don't let your wallet get in the way of finding love."Dude: "I've basically always been one"Girl: "What do you invest in?

One girl was from Alabama and just wanted to watch FB all day (the horror!

While there, she met Timbaland, Magoo, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott (who at the time was a part of Sista), Playa, Ginuwine, and Renee Anderson who were also all a part of the Swing Mob collective.

During her time with Sugah, Tweet formed a close friendship with Elliott.

For example, following the ASPCA and the Dalai Llama might look better than following the entire Kardashian Clan. Women are very curious creatures and will always delve into the abyss of who you are following to see what they can unearth.

Remember Megan in Biology class who always got A’s because of her intricate research?

In 1990, at the age of 18, Tweet gave birth to her daughter, Tashawna. In the early nineties, Tweet joined the female trio Sugah, leaving her daughter with her parents in Panama City, Florida, while Tweet relocated to many places.

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