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SACRAMENTO — As lawmakers scurried around the red-carpeted floors of the state Senate on a busy day near the end of the last legislative session, several briefly paused when the clerk began reading a resolution.

The resolution, by Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona (Riverside County), designated a week in August as Concrete Pipe Week, to promote “a progressive interest and understanding of the importance of the reinforced concrete pipe industry to every community throughout California and across the United States.” The resolution drew chuckles from several lawmakers in the back of the chambers.

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“Topless, I ran out of the room to the middle of the staircase that led to where the rest of the family was sleeping,” Cornell says, “Soon, he came out and talked to me. He said he loved me.” She adds, “I was kind of scared, but I made him promise not to hurt me.

I was worried that no one would believe me if I told.” Cornell’s experience is, unfortunately, not unique.

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