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John Nack’s blog entry on this update: Date: 12/06/10 Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.4 update Windows Link: Bridge_4.0.4_mul_Adobe Size: 28.3 MB Macintosh Link: Bridge_4.0.4_mul_Adobe Size: 30.5 MB Description: This update includes several important bug fixes which will improve the stability and launch performance of Bridge.The changes include: • Some top crash fixes • Launch performance enhancement • Support to MPEG-PS file preview • Enhance stability of interaction with Adobe Drive • Other bug fixes improving user workflow Release Date: 11/30/10 Adobe Illustrator 15.0.2 CS5 Update Windows Link: Illustrator_15.0.2Size: 10.4MB Macintosh Link: Illustrator_15.0.2Size: 14.3MB Description: The Adobe Illustrator CS5 15.0.2 update addresses a number of issues, including the following: • PSD files lose saturation of spot colors when imported into Ai CS5 • Performance problems when guides are set to dot • Acrobat 10 documents with passwords fail to open • Improved precision with DXF import • Links are broken in legacy formats when image name contains Japanese characters for voiced sound marks • Rounded Corner Edges that curved inside flipped to curve outside • Non-Specific Crash when opening or closing files • Security Issues Note: For more information on the resolved issues please visit list of resolved issues: Date: 11/30/10 Flash Professional CS5 Update for i OS Windows Link: 22.8MB Macintosh Link: 24.5MB Description: This update to Flash Professional CS5 addresses issues when submitting AIR applications for i OS to Apple’s App Store that resulted from changes to Apple’s application submissions tools. Read Me is available at: Date: 10/11/2010 Flash Professional CS5 Update 11.0.2 Windows Link: CS5_Size: 95.80MB Macintosh Link: CS5_Size: 101.12MB Description: This Flash Professional update includes several fixes to improve the opening of some legacy files and correctly saving them in the new XFL format for Flash Professional CS5.Highlights of fixes included in this update are: • Dynamic spelling of dummy text on master pages results in performance decrease • Users experience slow redraw after moving pages or objects • PDF export of text with non-metric kerning can result in glyphs being positioned incorrectly • Tabs are unexpectedly collapsed in PDF export of certain files In Design CS5 7.0.4 Release Notes Copy and In Design Server were also updated. Photoshop reports that a file is missing on start up or when accessing TWAIN/scanner device on Windows Oses The 12.0.3 update is now available: _________________________________________ Macintosh Link: Photoshop12_2-mul-Adobe Size: 14.7 MB Description: The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.2 update fixes a number of high priority bugs including painting performance and type-related issues.

of CS6 products use an update manager called Adobe Application Manager, or AAM.Adobe Community Help Forum Posting Announcing 3.5: Release Date: 04/07/11 In Copy CS5 7.0.4 Update Windows Link: In Copy7_0_4Size: 39.9MB Macintosh Link: In Copy7_0_4Size: 36.8MB In Copy CS5 7.0.4 Release Notes Design and In Design Server were also updated.Release Date: 4/26/11 In Design CS5 7.0.4 Update Windows Link: In Design7_0_4Size: 40.66 MB Macintosh Link: In Design7_0_4Size: 37.55 MB Description: The Adobe In Design Family CS5 7.0.4 update provides key fixes in the areas of Performance, Text, Graphic handling, and many others.Try Microsoft Update to get the latest Office 2016 updates or contact your company help desk.Try Microsoft Update to get the latest Office 2016 updates or contact your company help desk. If you are looking for updates, Support has ended for Office 2003.During the duration of this promotion: (1) all v Realize Operations customers of any edition can upgrade to any edition of v Realize Suite at a 25% discount, (2) all v Realize Operations Insight customers can upgrade to v Realize Suite Standard at a 25% discount, and (3) all v Sphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus (v SOM ENT ) can upgrade to v Cloud Suite Standard at a 25% discount.

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