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Kids today can’t imagine what a big event that was for all of us because they’ve grown up with I had seen the Broadway show too, which was certainly no letdown. I later became very friendly with the star of the show, Stephanie Mills, the Broadway Dorothy. Monique: (laughing) So you was washing his clothes? Actually, she admits to having a bit of a romance with the legendary entertainer, and recalled, “I was in love with Michael!

I remember that when I was a kid The Wizard of Oz was shown on television once a year and always on a Sunday night. “Some of it’s personal experiences that I had, and it’s just an album full of relationships and love and different scenarios of how I like men and all that, but if they want to find out more about me, they can go to my Web site, had such a wonderful friendship in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and I just wanted to sing something from the Beatles catalog because I love the Beatles, and I know that he loved the Beatles’ catalog, and ‘Yesterday’ was one of my favorite songs,” Mills explained.

Stephanie told Mail Online about her motivation to write the book.

'The book was motivated by two life changing events, one was the death of my mother, last year and the second, on the heels of her death was the discovery of my own lung cancer,' she revealed.

Mills opened up about her fling with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, insisting she wanted to marry him, but he wasn’t ready at the time. Michael Jackson, but I was ready at 20 and 21 to get married and he was not even close to getting married or having a girlfriend at that time, but yes we dated.

“Yes, I really did,” Mills admits about dating Michael. We dated for awhile.” Mills, who gained popularity on the charts in the 80s with hits like “I’ve Learned to Respect (The Power of Love) and conquered the Broadway stage in “The Wiz” and “Maggie Flynn,” also says she likes several of today’s top artists, in addtion to the late Tupac Shakur.

He saw me in all the time, and I went to the set [of the film version of the play that he starred in] a couple times." RELATED: British Actor Joseph Fiennes Cast as Michael Jackson in New TV Movie Stephanie, now 58, still misses Michael and many more of her musical pals that she has lost. But you go on, and hopefully they’re smiling down on you.” For more from Stephanie including her special relationship she has with her son, and what is next for her, pick up the latest issue of Closer Weekly on newsstands now!

is an American R&B, soul and gospel singer, songwriter and Broadway star.

Mills's career took a rise when she portrayed Dorothy in the Broadway musical The Wiz, an African-American adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.With almost half a century in the entertainment business, veteran Stephanie Mills is still doing what she loves; music. Fresh off her headlining performance during New York City’s Blue Note Music Festival in June, the 55-year-old spoke “On Air With Egypt” recently via Atlanta’s V103 about who she likes and dated in the music business. I went for Bacharach and Hal David.” The Plaza Hotel, New York City, February 1977: For a photo session, Michael wears a blue sweater, blue pants, a white shirt, and, for some reason, an E. “I’ve seen [The Wiz] three times already,” Michael says. Not only did Mills speak on how she managed and coped with the hectic life of a performer, she also managed to briefly clarify the relationship between her and the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Especially when he came back, well, he would come to the show almost every day and sit back and watch and I got a chance to go to the house. And I was really in love and I just knew I was going to be Mrs Michael Jackson. Monique: Now, you believed that you was Michael’s girlfriend. There is a discussion about birds—Michael had spent the morning at the Bronx Zoo visiting the birdhouse; he says he likes the exotic birds and used to have some, but they made a lot of noise, especially during the mating season, and usually at night, and the neighbors complained, so he had to give them away. He asks if Coney Island is still any good, or if they have taken all the good stuff out. Stephanie Mills, 28th November 2009 “Michael and I were friends for a very long time. “He was the sweetest, most compassionate, most loving person.

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