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Offers a wealth of small business-related resources including business plan help, market research, startup strategies, business management, funding assistance, financial statements--analysis--forecasting, referrals to specialized partners, and valuable networking opportunities.- Proof of Concept, Lean Startup, Market Validation.Breakthrough training for innovators and entrepreneurs. Designed to help entrepreneurs validate big ideas and then scale into profitable ventures.

Counselors provide one-on-one and group instruction that helps clients identify contracting opportunities, which can create growth of market share and revenues for them.

Bus service in the 1950s became unpopular, with low gas prices and subsidized construction of highways like Interstate 15.

By 1960, bus ridership was only about one third the level of war-time Salt Lake, and the average age of riders was 14.

MEP empowers manufacturing executives to cut costly waste, run clean and lean, and do more with less.- UVU Students, experienced in 3d Printing, Website Development and App Development, create prototypes for local startups and small to medium size businesses.

Prototypes are used for proof of concept testing and market validation.

UTA’s commuter rail equipment is stored and serviced at a facility in Salt Lake City.

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