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Call quality is impressive, however, Skype currently allows video calling on extremely limited handsets.

Skype Fring Fring allows free video calls via 3G and Wi-Fi between users from different networks (MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo! It requires registration to the Fring server and allows syncing of contacts from the networks mentioned above.

He acted in Max Shulman and Robert Paul Smith's play, "The Tender Trap," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Elizabeth Hubbard and Dennis Patrick in the cast.

, filing nearly a thousand dispatches on a dizzying array of subjects — from race relations in the U. to the tango in Finland — and from all corners of the planet.

At first blush, Chandra's opening statement to the jury didn't seem all that spectacular.

No flowery portrait of that sweet innocent boy Bambi, er, Naz.

What sets it apart from the rest of the applications, though, is support for a four-way group video chat.

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Entirely dependent on the person—one person could fly a plane across five time zones and another would be unable to lift his/her head from the table. So far, the prosecution has presented the following timeline of the night of: The Midtown tunnel at 9 P. where Naz is shown driving a cab that's not his by a security camera.

No far-reaching indictment of the District Attorney's office and institutional racism.

There was nothing that would even come close to making for an Oscar-winning monologue in the movies.

The broadcast is remembered today as a revolutionary journalistic feat.2. He was a young engineer in Texas wrongfully sentenced to a life sentence in prison for the armed robbery of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. In 1993, Safer, an art enthusiast, decided to ask that question in an unmerciful look at an art world he deemed pretentious and mostly asinine.

In 1983, Safer thought the story "smelled to high heaven," and so he and the team at dug into it. He began the report by describing works of art that had sold for six figures — including a vacuum cleaner and a pair of urinals — before launching into a dissection of big-name celebrity artists like Jeff Koons and Cy Twombly.

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