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Or will they vote ‘no’ and incur the wrath of the Republican Party establishment that left former Speaker Newt Gingrich begging for mercy last week after he dared to call the Ryan plan what it is: “radical change.” Senate Republicans need only look at the special election taking place in New York’s 26 congressional district tomorrow to see how a vote to end Medicare would be as well received back home as a bed bug infestation.

: Face The Ire of Their Constituents…or the Republican Party Establishment?

SEE: Associated Press: ‘Poll: Medicare doesn't have to be cut’ – see also Huffington Post: ‘Medicare Cuts Unpopular In Swing States, Polls Suggest’ See Also: Tea Leaves: Fire Red NY-26 District in Jeopardy for Republicans After the GOP Candidate’s Support for the Ryan Plan Becomes Central Issue in Special Election With the Senate expected to vote this week on the House Republican plan to turn Medicare into Coupon Care and double seniors’ out-of-pocket costs so millionaires can have another tax break, the latest polls out show Senate Republicans have a tough choice to make.

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In what was supposed to be a shoo-in and instead has remarkably become a toss-up, Republican Jane Corwin is running neck-and-neck in the polls in a -Republican district (that has elected only three Democrats since 1857) in a race where Corwin’s enthusiastic support of the Ryan plan has taken center stage.

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