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Though the legend of Mikul is apocryphal, Prague is not without a dark history - the cobblestones of the town square below the clock are marked with 27 crosses commemorating 27 beheaded Czech noblemen. Elite Prague Escorts offer high quality escort services. From hostessing to independent escorts to the international escort.

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Me: I expect to be back later this year 😉 I’ll add you to Facebook when I’m back in London Her: 🙂 Do that.

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While we do attempt to match your preferences with our housing options, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed.

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It was a pretty good holiday but no outstanding sets or good luck with Yes Girls. Towards the end of the third day I’d finally hit a good vibe and rattled off a string of good sets with solid work.

Overcome with fear that Mikul might build a bigger, better, and more beautiful clock for another nation, the Councilors had the brilliant clockmaker blinded, ensuring that their clock would never be topped.

Such was the reputation of his craftsmanship that Mikul was approached by many a foreign nation, each wishing to have its own town square topped with a marvelous astronomical clock.

BARS AND CLUBS The somewhat ramshackle but friendly Jampa Dampa (V Tunich 10, probably has the largest lesbian presence of all the bars, but is mostly popular on weekend nights.

They organize a karaoke night every Tuesday as well. One of the best places to go is the monthly Freedom Night held at PM Club (Trojicka 10, Prague 2).

I probably approached more Czech girls last year than women from any other nationality.

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