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It’s a dangerous new world and we’re taking some risks. Get tickets to the world premiere in Puerto Vallarta Jan 30-Feb 11 on the mainstage at Act II Entertainment here.If Neanderthals interbred with modern humans as early as new findings suggest, the distinction becomes meaningless.If he orders a hard drink at the 7th Heaven Bar, he gets 5 points with Tifa. If you love Donald Trump you’ll hate this show, so flock to (or away from) Palm Springs and San Diego the first week of June to see the first Kinsey Sicks show ever that no critic has completely detested! Later in June, America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet will inflict ourselves upon the hapless residents of San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, and South Lake Tahoe (or “SLu T”, as we like to call it).“Our first sex with Neanderthals happened 100,000 years ago,” New Scientist shouts.This is a shocking story of a tryst that is steamier than any dime novel. Sergi Castellano and a research team from Max Planck Institute. Many people carry ancient Neanderthal DNA in their genome as a result of cross-species liaisons around 50,000 years ago.Ida tells the story of an orphaned young woman brought up by nuns in a convent.Before she decides to take her vows, she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation.

We loved Dragapella and thought it was the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Just come see it, and you will see the girls as you've never seen them before.

Now it seems that some Neanderthals carried our DNA, too.

The BBC News agrees with the 100,000-year date for the secret dating encounter, but things gets worse. According to Live Science, if you guessed the Fertile Crescent, you’re getting warmer.

His answers have the potential to raise or lower points with all four characters.

If Cloud opts to give a flower to Marlene, he gains 5 points with Barret.

Our daring new musical takes a searing journey into Trumpism, racism, AIDS, giraffes, Bette Midler, oblong vegetables, and the secret dating life of Steve Bannon. Then join us on the opposite end of the state on Saturday April 29 for a special performance on behalf of the Gateway Men’s Chorus. We’re not entirely sure when America was as great again as it is now, but if it was The ‘60s and ‘70s, boy do we have a music video for you!

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