Radiocarbon dating hominids


The geological period which corresponds to the Palaeolithic is the Pleistocene.Stone tools were not only made by our own species, Homo sapiens.There are two polarizing camps on the issue of our species origin (though there is varying degrees of compromise between the two stances as well as various alternative positions): the multiregional (or continuity) camp, and the Out of Africa (replacement) camp., there have been populations of humans living around the old world, and these all contributed to successive generations, eventually leading to modern humans.

In some areas, such as Western Europe, the way that people lived was affected by the Ice age.In November 1859, Charles Darwin published a most dangerous idea - that all living things had evolved through a process of natural selection.Although there was almost no mention of mankind in Darwins treatise, the implications were unavoidable and led to a more radical change in human self-perception than anything before it in recorded history.A colorful family tree, fossils, tools, use of fire, genetics and natural selection. Primate Speciation Rise of Hominids, timeline and group descriptions.Hominid Species : from Describes 18 hominid & earlier species.Some see direct competition and extermination of the native populations, some see passive replacement due to better adaptive strategies, and some see genetic admixture with the preponderance of genetic material coming from the incoming human populations, eventually replacing and assimilating them into the greater collective.

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