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This validation process includes specific reference to arrangements which enable supply teachers to engage in the PRD process.

The validation criteria for local authorities can be viewed at: Supply teachers have a wide range of working contexts including those who undertake occasional short term work to those who are engaged in longer-term contracts or even undertake supply work in addition to a part-time post.

This course should enable participants to: This is a highly interactive online course which consists of the following 5 modules: In this introductory module participants will explore different ways of producing written material using ICT and look at how this can support students’ writing in the TL.

This module explores how digital presentations can be used to encourage students to communicate using the TL.

Please see our Provisional (Conditional) Registration information page for further information.

This PDST Technology in Education course has been developed in collaboration with the Post Primary Languages Initiative (PPLI).This is an updated version of the course previously offered (prior to 2016), now incorporating tablets and other technologies.It is a highly interactive course providing an overview of a range of technologies and how they can be used to support teaching and learning of modern foreign languages.You can apply directly to the school group that is offering training in your local area or that best meets your learning needs.The majority of courses on offer involve training during term time.Further information can be found under Right to Review for Applicants for Registration.

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