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She has also appeared on other ABC series such as What About Brian, George Lopez, and October Road, as well as the 100th episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother as a bartender and on the USA Network show Psych.

Keibler has also modeled, appearing in both Maxim and Stuff magazines.

The findings of the report, commissioned by the Department of Health, were stark: nearly 80 per cent of the women were still suffering from post-traumatic stress, severe depression or anxiety an average of 16 months after they were freed.

And while 30 per cent of the women were tricked or coerced to work as prostitutes – with the remaining 70 per cent used as forced labour or domestic servants – a total of 66 per cent had been raped.

"Trafficking for various forms of exploitation is very diverse. "I think the public has to give second thoughts to who is providing their services. "If you stop, you look, you think to consider whether the person providing your services is working in a situation that could be abusive ...

Keibler was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars: season two, where she placed third.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced their courtship back in November, and from the onset, things seemed a little ... Fans immediately got the impression that the relationship had actually been going on much longer than the courting couple was letting on.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Joy-Anna and Austin have been an item for well over a year, and not only that, they've been intimate: Oh yes, they've boldly ignored her family's courtship rules.

"It led to them getting the fright of their young lives.” As for the news that Joy-Anna is pregnant with Austin's baby - predictably, that story's been exaggerated, but not by all that much.

The insider maintains it does have a factual basis: “Joy-Anna believed that she had become pregnant by Austin," says the anonymous family friend, speaking to the celebrity gossip site.

“Despite this ‘courting’ nonsense, Joy-Anna and Austin have actually been having sex together for a year,” says a source close to the family. The insider says Joy-Anna and Austin made it clear from the start that they do not share her parents' beliefs when it comes to sex, though: “Jim Bob and Michelle can preach all they want about their children’s chastity, but the plain fact is that their kids are like anyone else’s." "When they get to their late teens, their hormones are raging." The proof of this ...

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