Powerpuff and rowdyruff dating dating sites intl

"She went to a date, same as Buttercup" Proffessor said as he served the order of his customer. "Bubbles, get change and help me with my work" Proffessor said. She went upstairs and wore light sky blue t-shirt with a dolphin printed on the center, then a medium slate blue mini skirt.

They were the only ones there, even the Professor wasn't home. Bubbles slammed the window down as soon as the girls came in and leaned against it casually.

Are they really in school to change and experience it once, or is there a much darker secret? They had finished most of their lunch already and were now just walking through the empty halls quietly."This year cannot go by fast enough." Buttercup said annoyed."No kidding.

If it wasn't the fact that school is a total snore fest, it's the total bitches and pricks around the school." Butch chuckled."Yeah, only my ex's are all considered assholes, since all of them cheated on me with Princess." Buttercup said annoyed."What? " Butch asked, nearly snarling."Eric, Luke, Tommy and Mitch." Buttercup listed."Complete idiots." Butch said."Yup.

His stomach had a six pack (she only knew this because she had him for P. His eye color, stated by the fangirls, is what made him the hottest Rowdyruff Boy. Of course girls were fond of blue and green eyes but when have you seen anyone with red?

He didn't have his hair in a pony tail- it instead spiked out and reached the back of his neck. His muscles were now visible on his arms and legs; they were large but not ultra huge. His brothers had similar traits but there was one thing that separated him from his brothers (besides intelligence) - His eyes.

"Take this, they'll get suspicious if you leave it.""Right." He pulled her face to his and kissed her. ""The Rowdy Ruff Boys are doing graffiti in a specific no graffiti area. "Blossom and Buttercup flew out the window but Bubbles hesitated for a moment then followed.

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