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I may be 41 but dont think I look it and certainly dont act it There dont seem to be many older mums to have a natter with about Wham and Kajagoogoo so if you fancy a chat let me know xx Hiya. I have got a 19 yr old son Louis, Amelia who is 3 and our little suprise Maisie who is 5 months.

Its definately hard work and I didnt know I could ache as much as I do after a long day lol.

(MORE: How to Deal with a New Sex Partner After a ‘Dry Spell’) And that’s just the ones who are brave enough to talk about it.

When estrogen loses its decades-long influence after menopause, the vagina narrows, and the skin in the genital area gets thinner and less moist and loses its elasticity, leading to the No. Along with the loss of estrogen, women stop secreting testosterone from their ovaries, thus diminishing their ability to become aroused and sometimes affecting their ability to reach orgasm.

While some women barely notice these changes, for others they’re life-altering.

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It was very hard work at the beginning and very tiring. Its definately hard work and I didnt know I could ache as much as I do after a long day lol.

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