Online dating with video

Although considered by many to be an area of great potential for the future of online dating, video has not yet had a “moment” in this industry.But considering the massive popularity of Snapchat and Instagram Stories last year, it’s highly likely we will see dating brands looking to move into this space in 2017, with Bumble already releasing its own video story feature this month.

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The Michigan-born artist has teamed up with Eastern Electrics to produce a clip in which he plays a cast of colourful characters looking to find love, or someone to take them to Hertfordshire festival, at least. In March the line-up was revealed by playing , and the following month Skream rode around London DJing on an EE-branded rickshaw.

One company looking to push video dating into the mainstream is a startup from Sweden called HIMYNAMEIS.

The dating brand, which was last year named a GDI Spotlight finalist, aims to let singles show their personality using short 1-5 second introductory videos.

Basically you record a short video clip (1 to 5 seconds) of yourself inside the app and can then look at other people’s videos.

If both like each other it’s a match and you can start to chat.

Those seeking love aren’t want for options — at least when it comes to dating apps.

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