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There were suites dedicated to previous residents F. At the end of the tour I said, 'Call me when there's a Gertrude Stein suite.' But it was an offhand comment and I didn't really think it would happen.I came out of that hotel really thinking that I’d offended him.Ever been to a hotel and wished they’d change the décor? When she was given a preview tour of the renovated The Renwick hotel in New York, she noticed something strange. “I was afraid David [Israel, the operations manager] would think, 'I’ve just spent loads of money on a hotel and some feminist didn’t think it was right,’” she says.The Renwick had been redesigned to honour the famous literary and creative names who had stayed there since the building's opening in 1928 as studio space for aspiring writers. “He was reserved when I first brought it up – I think he wasn't sure if I was kidding or not.The warrant then describes a brutal scene -- Daniel allegedly grabbed Julie, threw her on the bed, pinned her down and told her she wasn't going anywhere -- and then spat on her face.According to the warrant, Julie fled to the balcony ...According to Lorna, who has made a fortune as a result of her so-called gift, 'everyone' has a guardian angel - 'even yourselves', she told the hosts.As Phillip asked what his own was like, she said: 'I see yours now… It’s not giving me a name, it is not a loved one.'She then told Rylan, who said he believes in angels: 'Yours is in the same position, right behind you. 'Yours is pushing you forward, but I haven't the faintest clue what that means.'Phillip said: 'I like it. Can't take this woman seriously,' added another disbelieving tweeter.

"It took more digging and dot connecting, and Lilit both alerted us to it and also provided interesting insight into how she was connected to some of the others," he says.The producers contacted the LAPD and downloaded them and then proceeded with the show.According to the warrant, cops believe Daniel confessed during the taping. Daniel grabbed her and screamed, "You f**king whore, I'll throw you off this f**king balcony right now." The next day, another argument erupted and Julie claims Daniel threatened to kill her if she called the cops.The day of the taping Julie told producers what happened.I can just to say believe in angels but not her sitting on God's knee.

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