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"Armenia is a new discovery for Iranians," said a representative of the Armenian community in Tehran, who chose not to be named.While Dubai has become more expensive, Yerevan has developed adequate and affordable accommodations.Armenia is primarily a source country for women and girls trafficked to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.Armenian men and women are trafficked to Russia for the purpose of forced labor.In a world where Iranians feel unwelcome in most countries, they can enter Armenia without applying for a visa in advance by hopping on a bus to cross a shared border.In what is one of the region's few Christian nations, Iranians can drink alcohol and dress and dance freely. But in 2009, 44,297 Iranian tourists visited Armenia, according to the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia.That number has increased from 23,892 in 2005 and 29,597 in 2008 -- a tremendous surge.

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He says that Armenian girls come from the refugee villages in the region around Bagratashen, Alaverdi and other towns to work as barmaids or shop helpers. The prostitutes who do work in Bagratashen complain about the lack of opportunity.Victims trafficked to the UAE usually fly to Dubai from Yerevan or via cities in Russia; the trafficking route to Turkey is generally via bus through Georgia.A small number of Armenian girls and boys are trafficked internally for purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced begging."We have more rooms for people to stay in, more restaurants for people to eat in," said Edna Baghoumian, a Persian Armenian living in Yerevan."Tour companies have developed packages that are really affordable." For Iranians, Armenia is cheaper than other regional destinations and much more accessible.Alaverdy City---Vazgen presents himself to the court of first instance with his two daughters, Narine and Marine.

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