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Russian Spanish Satellite maps are applied in agriculture, in timber industry, in geodesy, in geophysics, for learning tourist routes and the routes for scientific and research expeditions.

They are applied in the personal mobile devices together with modules GPS of navigation.

Videosource box has four items: "None" disables video output, "Live Viewfinder" selects 320x200x30fps streaming video, "Single Shot" makes output of manually taken still images up to 640x480 resolution, "Interval Shooting" mode automatically takes pictures with a configurable interval, the resolution is up to 640x480.Raw Attraction Magazine is the ultimate dating guide written by men who have extensive dating experience.Today, it is running a special offer for its first month – the magazine is free to download from the App Store.They use satellite live maps to learn the locality, to determine coordinates, to calculate the distance, to measure the length of the territory, to determine the relief.The satellite live maps are used to learn geography, to determine the traffic routes and for other aims.For more information on how it works, read through the FAQ.

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