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The formula features a combination of the darkest black carbon and lash-filling powders to transform your lashes while keeping away caking, clumping and crumbling.

Color(s): black plum, intense teal, mocha rush, ...

And while Google was selling the puppies-and-rainbows version of its usage, the NJ/NY-cynic in me immediately thought -- "Great, another way for some rando to share an unsolicited moving image of his junk."And while my train of thought might seem farfetched, it's a plausible scenario. If that's not enough, theoretically, you don't even need to have your digital flasher's number.

Whether it's a drunk, late-night "WYD" call from an ex or current fling or some weirdo you gave your number to because he wouldn't take no for answer, the threat of unwanted body parts looms large. As long as they have yours, they can reach out and scar someone for life.

Muthafuckas don't care and play blind in times they know they wrong. If you judge me on looks, money, and material gains I will score low according to your standards.

At least with Google Hangouts, you get a black screen before you click. And honestly, I don't need a flash of someone's errant body part in "crisp HD video (up to 720p). Don't get me wrong, an unexpected naughty pic can be fun.

But this video version of sliding in my DMs is doing way too much. Is it possible to catch a screenshot of this conversation or record video?

Google conveniently left out the logistics of how Knock Knock works and I have several questions. If so, is there a notification to warn someone that they're being recorded?

At the end of the day, I'm all for new technology, but Google is going to have to lay out the ground rules way before summer settles in. When she's not reviewing the latest headphones, you'll find her conquering the Interwebs with a random proliferation of gifs or gaming on her Xbox One, Play Station 4 or PC.

A finely tapered, micro-bristle rubber brush wraps each lash with the perfect amount of mascara, while a ...

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