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When her baby wouldn't stop crying, she lashed out but she later said she greatly regretted her actions.

The shaky mobile video entitled 'It's raining bodies' has been released on the internet and was shot by a traumatised couple as they drove past the scene where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down, killing all 298 people on board.'We, of course, are ready to provide all possible assistance for relatives who want to come to honour the memory of the loved ones who died,' said Alexander Kofman, self-declared foreign minister of Donetsk People's Republic.

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“He raised his hands against me,” she told, according to the Daily Mail.The footage, captured in the Guangdong province of southeast China, shows the woman yelling at the crying infant as she beats her with her foot against a tiled floor.To date, almost eight million viewers have watched clip, with many airing their outrage at the ruthless scene.Beijiao Police department investigated the case and managed to track Chen down.The mother told police officers that she had been under a lot of stress recently and she was finding it difficult to control her emotions.If you have a problem with our product, contact us, and we'll solve it.

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