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Located just off the coast of southeast India, Sri Lanka is an impressively large island nation with more than 20 million citizens.

War crimes are prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, of which Sri Lanka is a signatory.

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The video filmed by civilians included harrowing scenes during and after intense shelling of civilian targets, including hospitals, by the Sri Lankan military.

The "trophy video" filmed by Sri Lankan soldiers showed disturbing scenes of blindfolded victims being executed and dead bodies of naked women being dragged onto trucks by soldiers as they made lewd remarks about the victims.

The Tamil Tigers had been waging a full-scale war for an independent state of Tamil Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka since 1983.

Described as one of the most graphic documentaries in British TV history, the documentary featured amateur video from the conflict zone filmed by civilians and Sri Lankan soldiers which depicted "horrific war crimes".

However, individual countries may investigate and prosecute alleged culprits over whom they have jurisdiction, such as those with dual-nationality.

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