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MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Written by Woody Allen MONTAGE - POV SHOTS OF PARIS SET TO MUSIC We hear voices over - GIL and INEZ, a young couple of Americans, engaged to be married as we shall learn.

Every once in a while for a few days is nothing - my biggest regret is that I didn't settle here the first time I came. GIL If I'd have stayed the first time I came by now I'd be a Parisian. Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain?

O.) I admit it's pretty but so are so many other places I've visited. O.) I'm thinking of a painting by Pisarro I've seen of Paris in the rain.

Surprisingly giving for a site that’s all about self-gratification, Pornhub regularly launches charitable initiatives under its “Pornhub Cares” banner, which aims to deep-dick the world’s problems. According to the site’s counter, more than 21,000 pandas and definitely no one else have already watched the videos so far.

For its latest philanthropic gesture, timed for March 16 and National Panda Day, it’s tackling the underpopulation of the giant panda, a species that continues to have a lot of trouble reproducing despite the obvious turn-on of zookeepers watching. Here’s a cute animated explainer that’s safe for work. Our forests will be teeming with pregnant, chafed pandas in no time!

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