Microsoft access linked tables not updating

In an application that uses linked SQL Server tables, two different database engines are at work: the Office Access/Jet database engine that runs on the Office Access client and the SQL Server database engine.

The interaction of these two engines can sometimes yield results that are inferior to those obtained by using only the Jet database engine with native Office Access tables.

While Access has its limits, it is powerful and friendly, especially for those who don't write code for a living.In these situations, you'll want to set up and use a multitable form for data entry.For example, Figure A shows a multitable form included with Access' sample Northwind database.If you want to use your existing Access applications with SQL Server, you can link your original Access tables to the migrated SQL Server or SQL Azure tables.Linking modifies your Access database so that your queries, forms, reports, and data access pages use the data in the SQL Server or SQL Azure database instead of the data in your Access database.Moreover, the ease of use and familiar Office technologies will enhance the end user's feeling of empowerment.

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