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Instagram/@allure_one Speaking of celebrations, rapper Memphis Bleek and Ashley Coombs tied the knot this weekend!According to The YBF, the ceremony and reception took place on Saturday, December 13 in Merion, New Jersey and was attended by relatives and friends of the couple, including longtime pal Jay Z, his wife Beyoncé and Eddie Levert. You guys got fat while everybody starved on the street. You think you're gonna live long enough to spend that money, you fucking hump?Come see me, I'm at the Marcy Projects, ask for Memphis Bleek.

He was arrested numerous times throughout the 1990s, but it was a 1994 incident at a picnic that kick-started one of the more important trials in rap history.Bernice Burgos Tries To Come For Tiny Harris With Passive Aggressive Shade, Tiny Lets Her Have It» FOOLYWANG OF THE DAY: Pepsi Is Tone Deaf, Yet Accurate AF With This New Kendall Jenner 'Fights Oppression' Ad» Ben Carson Just Got Dragged For Saying The DUMBEST Thing About Slavery» Is Le Bron James A Sore Loser?King James Has Heckler Kicked Out & Scolds Reporter After Playoff Loss To Celtics NY Nets To Save Biggie Mural» Jackie Christie Publicly Claims Daughter Ta’Kari Has Depression & She Loves Her From A Distance, Ta’Kari Pops Back » Inside Amber Rose's Flirty Miami Weekend With An EXTRA FINE Mystery Man... 36-year-old Memphis Bleek, government name Malik Cox, married girlfriend Ashley Coombs last night at The Merion in New Jersey.We're told one of his best friends Jay Z was there with Beyoncé and so was Eddie Levert and others. Ashley snapped some pics with a few of her friends.The rapper fired a shot in the air among other gang members, a fight began, and one person was killed.

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