Mandating reporting


Our attorneys, in-house CPA’s, and staff are flexible, proactive problem solvers.We use law and accounting as tools to provide innovative and tailored solutions that deliver a better outcome for you, or for your business.Microsoft will provide this guidance in other documents at a later date. Table 1: Windows operating systems Note In this specification, most requirements that apply to Windows 10 Mobile also apply to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise .Any additional requirements or exceptions are explicitly called out where applicable.

The idea of women reporting their periods as a legal precaution sounds absurd and Orwellian.

This specification defines the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 and all types of devices or computers designed for this release (Windows 10, version 1703).

Microsoft will build and test the Windows 10 OS against the requirements described in this specification.

As a protest against the new law's extreme requirements, women who opposed the law started a Facebook group called "Periods for Pence." Members of the group started calling Pence’s office in droves to tell him about their periods in graphic detail.

the anonymous founder of Periods for Pence in an introductory post.

This specification defines the minimum hardware requirements necessary to: The goal of this specification is to enable OEMs, ODMs, So C vendors, and other component vendors to make early design decisions for devices and computers that will run Windows 10.

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