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"In addition, any recorded images do not leave your console unless you specifically choose to allow it to do so. Days later, the NSA reported it successfully listened in on a Skype call.

Silent in her commodified surroundings, the death of her virtual ego is underscored by the evocative sounds of a Buddhist chant – creating a blur between an act of holiness or menace.

In act of feminism, empowerment, ownership and reclamation Roxby Smith prints these private images, intended for an audience of one, as free postcards distributed in a gallery context, each image emblazoned with its original email subject line - by throwing the images into a public space their power is negated.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work, but its take on the new world order led by Apple, Google and Facebook will definitely play better with people who remain skeptical of our always-connected world.

DSP says that he is "different than other You Tubers" and he doesn't mind that he isn't as big as some other You Tubers.

DSP is known for the large amount of negativity that surrounds him on You Tube; this "negativity movement" began in 2012.

is an average thriller mechanically coated in a veneer of shiny technology, like the newest phone on a factory line.

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