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I love the characters they chose and just overall how this show just comes together in such a good way.

So ABC please bless this couch potato and keep this show going!

Annie and Jake finally get engaged after six years, but her larger-than-life personality and his laid-back approach to life will severely test the theory of "opposites attract".

They quickly realize getting engaged was the easy part.

"I said no, and everybody was shocked," the actress recalled.

Fortunately for fans, Woodley changed her mind after having a heart-to-heart with fellow young franchise star (and now an Oscar winner) Jennifer Lawrence.

By Elisa Benson What secrets did you keep in school?

Funny enough, the 22-year-old actress' movies since then have all been about romance and relationships. I never thought about that," Woodley says in the April issue of .The way that they express themselves could be rude or seen as douchey or whatnot.à Simi Valley (Californie), est une actrice américaine.When I didn't show up at my girlfriend's house, she called my mother.My mom was like, 'Oh, Daren's actually in the hospital.'"What did you learn from dating your high school girlfriend for two years?But even though my parents are divorced, they get along.

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