Intimidating gamertags


Another one here that thought you where Skillful Mind. In some parts of the US, like where I live, the day before Halloween (Halloween being October 31, so... Historically a night filled with mischief, mayhem, TP'ing houses, egging houses and cars, spray-painting and general mayhem.

My Gamertag should be easy to figure out, although my name being Stephen not Jake might muddy the waters a little. Oct 30th is my birthday and I often feel particularly devilish, so.... Mine used to be richs99 which is something I've used for aaaages as my name is Rich S....

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Then I started my 1 month trial by playing Halo 2 non-stop, but I never realized this was an actual gamertag. I'll end up changing it some day, but not for a while.where he borrowed ,000 from a loan dolphin, and he spent all the money on things he didn't need.He also refused to pay back the dolphin and just played Call of Duty like nothing has happened.It started with all-nighters, climbing up the rankings game by game. Lag would derail matches and keyboards would be thrown. He developed a way to get a better, faster, and more stable connection to the game servers. He is one of the characters that are not retarded along with Mario and Chef Pee Pee.

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