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This week saw the fantastic start to our new campaign to be a healthier, happier school!

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We visited our local care home, Cherrytrees, on Monday 12th December and entertained the residents and the staff with a collection of songs.

Small doddles counts as practice so I'd say everyday but everything I do is draw Peridots in my classma Happy New Year Sorry I'm not as active as I used to, lately I'm too lazy to keep this account updated so I keep all my art on Twitter and Tumblr, but I promise to show my ugly face once in a while here~Thanks to all the little people who keeps supporting me here, I wish you all a happy new year full of the things and people you love, don't forget to feed your pet, sleep at least 8 hours per day, drink lots of water, take a shower, eat 4 meals per day, hug your family, cry with Gintama, rewatch that show you loved, read again that manga, fic or comic that make you smile and cry, listen to your fav song, draw that character you love with all your soul, stay healthy and follow me if you still enjoy my art or if you have to share some thoughts with me.

Here where you can follow me and most likely I will reply you~ Update Hello guys, I know I've been away for a long time, I've been busy with college and some other real life things (plus tumblr), basically I stop drawing when my tablet died but I do keep doing traditional art that I'm to ashamed to show you, but during Christmas I got a new one so I'm back on track but that doesn't mean I will be doing daily things since I still have college homework I should be doing instead of trying to revive my d A account but I'm doing it anyway to let you know that I'm not dead yet.

Since idk what to do with this journal, I'll make some tags I got loooooong ago....probably since January idk, so bear with it, sorry dudes. and sorry for the delay, I'm a piece of shit :3c and I might or not have taken this seriously, sorry How long have you been working with art for?

Been drawing since I was 8 and I've done nothing productive with it but procrastinate Uw U How often do you practice?

id=3553999Twitter https://twitter.com/hellzfakinaway Instagram https:// https:// Rukiart/Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/neorukix If you see my art posted by other account that are not the one listed, those are repost and I would be grateful if you ignore them and go to my accounts Meh The year is ending and I never even bothered on updating this thing since last year so I'm making an effort here. Well nothing at all, only some good SU stuff going on, Voltron, Yoi, Mirai Trunks arc and more recently Kyuubei-kun is back on Sintama, the rest of the year was shit.

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