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This chapter reviews the preparation methods of hydrogels from hydrophilic polymers of synthetic and natural origin with emphasis on water soluble natural biopolymers (hydrocolloids).

Recent advances in radiation cross-linking methods for the preparation of hydrogel are particularly addressed. Wittgren, 2005Analysis of calcium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose: size distributions of parent carboxymethyl cellulose by size-exclusion chromatography with dual light-scattering and refractometric detection.

) is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat, which is a state in India.

It is the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court.

Solanki rule lasted until the 13th century, when Gujarat came under the control of the Vaghela dynasty of Dholka.

Gujarat subsequently came under the control of the Delhi Sultanate in the 14th century.

Ahmedabad is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, 30 km (19 mi) from the state capital Gandhinagar, which is its twin city.Additionally, methods to characterise these hydrogels and their proposed applications are also reviewed. Patent), Phillips hydrocolloid research Limited, UK, USA. Gelation refers to the linking of macromolecular chains together which initially leads to progressively larger branched yet soluble polymers depending on the structure and conformation of the starting material. Williams, 2005Biopolymers obtained by solid state irradiation in an unsaturated gaseous atmosphere, 6ed. Ahmedabad has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub in India.It is the second largest producer of cotton in India, and its stock exchange is the country's second oldest.Cricket is a popular sport in Ahmedabad, which houses the 54,000-seat Sardar Patel Stadium.

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