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Don't get me wrong, I am not discouraging anyone from using online dating sites.I am just saying there are some types of dudes that appear on every website.12Step Match is the ORIGINAL Recovery Dating Web Site for Sober Men and Women Online to come for Sober Dates, Love or Friends and Support and to search within your own 12 Step Program of Recovery.Whether it be AA Singles, NA Singles, Al-Anon Singles, GA, OA…In the course of that year, 12Step Match can help you find Friendship, Support and Hope in Recovery that “The Promises” will come true for you.Our Sobriety is the Most Important Aspect of our Lives. I have been sober 8 years and my sobriety date is March 30th 2004.

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When scientists involved in the Human Genome Project announced in 2003 the completion of the mapping of the human genetic code, many predicted that sequencing DNA would transform the way we prevent and treat disease.

Yet over the years researchers have increasingly realized how difficult it is to draw a straight line from a gene to a medical outcome.

anniversary and soon to come final shows, I thought about making the connection between the Grateful Dead and the business world would be a fitting gesture as my own personal tribute.

Grateful Dead lead singer Jerry Garcia and the rest of his bandmates wouldn’t normally be classified as entrepreneurs.

We have more data but still don’t always know how to interpret it.

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