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There was some playful words exchanged (hey, a few drinks were involved), and his hands were very touchy and uninhibited.

It was honestly cute, and, hey, I don’t mind when a handsome guy wraps his arms around my torso. :-P” This is the message on Ok Cupid that tipped me over the edge last week.

But if there’s one thing that will get me talking, it’s cold hard cash.

So when e Bookers got in touch saying they were looking for London-based bloggers to share their tips for a new guide, how could I say no?

I don’t really retain vivid memories of any of my London experiences, as I’m not a tourist, and I have a few favourite things I do often but would never dream of imposing on anyone else.

This is not a total referendum on become my business is when you approach me on Grindr, or, when, in your public life, you chirp on about how virtuous you and your partner are, how gay marriage is your calling card, and how lovey-dovey you are with your husband or boyfriend …

The guy was from Taipei, Taiwan, and despite the fact that I didn’t respond to his first message, he proceeded to ask me if I would meet him at Uniqlo in Philly if he came to the States.

This really shouldn’t surprise me too much (the rhetoric, not the Uniqlo thing, which was downright kinda freaky).

(which in gay parlance means the dominant, or 'top,' partner) sent him sexually suggestive messages and, on March 12, an unsolicited photo of his penis. Boehning, who is not married and says he is also attracted to women, said many people know he is gay, but many of his family and friends do not. We’re all there to do a job, and I don’t think anyone should be bullying anyone out there.” of anti-gay politicians (of both parties), clergy and anti-LGBT activists—many of them married—who were caught engaging or attempting to engage in same-sex trysts on the down-low, sometimes with underage boys.

The lawmaker told Rob Port, editor at Say Anything, that he felt relieved to be outed, although he did not like the manner in which his sexuality was revealed to the public.“Are we going to have some other very controversial bill, if they’re hiding in the closet are they going to be afraid to vote that way?

His blog, Online Dating Insider, is heralded as one of the top industry blogs for online dating, where he shares his insights about what works and what doesn’t for businesses big and small, old and new.

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