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Eugene Hutz, the gasoline in the Gogol Bordello engine wants to look in your eyes during their shows. Eugene: Actually I didn’t; this isn’t specifically my idea but several things came together.

During our interview we discussed the transformational energy that is sweeping the globe, the transfer of energy between artist and fan, writing a new album over the course of one night and what it means to be punk rock. Daniel: Glad to talk to you; glad we could make it happen. Just finished playing a bunch of shows in LA Daniel: I know; I saw you at 2 of the shows Eugene: Yeah it was good. Eugene: The universe is expanding and so are we baby. On one hand I have been traveling for a while and collecting old goods and putting together musicians and I have gathered a lot especially in the last decade you know exploring different places besides New York; and Paris and the more obvious places.

You want to start a club just we agreed on the name Gogol Bar-Dello Daniel: Bar-Dello; nice.

It will be a very fun playground for all creative people down there.

That is Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and then New York City. So it is going to be a pretty massive deal for me and for everybody in that part of Europe.

Soon the term online will be redundant (if it isn’t so already) as the term digital rises in prevalence, since it is all encompassing of the web, apps, media etc.

You’d think Silicon Valley would capitalize on the dating market hoping to, instead of investing in a venture, but create their own app or site and become a cash cow.

He gives a lot of himself but feels it’s worth it for all he gets in return. But I worked in South America for 5 years and pretty much felt compelled like I need to bring all back to some place where people are going to really dig in and fuck man right about same time several friends of mine who back in Ukraine also said you know man you are like our Madonna so you want to do this fucking thing?

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