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DII Capital Partners is the principal investing platform of Development II with a comprehensive “turn-key” strategy to take advantage of attractive global private equity investment opportunities in the lower-middle market due to the prolonged global financial/credit crisis by buying undervalued businesses and transforming them into high performing, high cash-generating and market leading entities.

With the acquisition of the majority ownership interest in Development II by GOING Ventures LLC, we created DII Capital Partners to leverage our unique collective competencies by developing a consulting-based approach to private equity investing: a highly differentiated investment and business acquisition model (coined as “buy and build”) with comprehensive systems and processes that will enable us to consistently source, analyze, close, grow and exit attractive investment opportunities.

As the size of the atherosclerotic occlusion increases, the degree of myocardial perfusion (blood flow) decreases and the patient experiences more severe symptoms.

These symptoms are in the form of chest discomfort, better known as angina pectoris.

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The result is diminution of the blood supply to an area of the ventricular myocardium.

In general, the symptomatology reflects the extent of coronary artery disease, the location of the disease, and the degree of occlusion.

Nevertheless, this spectrum is useful for understanding the clinical picture of ischemic heart disease and the signs and symptoms that bring a patient to the cardiologist.

Ischemia occurs when the coronary blood flow is diminished due to a narrowing of the arterial lumen by an atherosclerotic plaque or to occlusion by an embolus.

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