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My other colleague, Sarah, discovered Snapchat had used THIRTEEN gigabytes.

On one hand, it encourages representatives to go above and beyond customers’ expectations.If you use Facebook, your phone number may not be as private as you think.A way in which Facebook privacy can be abused has come to light that will shock many users, but that the social network itself seems to consider a deliberate feature.On the other hand, when the customer is not right, reps still have to provide best possible service and have no right to say “no.” An example: For you and me, a broken phone is not a big deal. “The Worst Apple Store Customer Horror Story” is about a woman whose i Phone broke.However, some people would treat it like a disaster. They trample over customer service reps and show a complete lack of consideration for them, and yet they are treated in the same way as polite customers. When someone is bothersome, it’s hard to resist the temptation to say “OK, take whatever you want and just go away.” Do I agree with it? Obviously, she went to the nearest Apple Store to have it fixed.Blast mans face till his bludclart looks like Frodo I'm on one, it can get sticky in the long run I hope the love I'm gettin' is for the long run If not, I'll be posted on the block with my long gun And trust me, my killers them on what I'm on Fuck them pussies, they don't feel me Now the pussy they wan' wan' feel me I hope the industry really do feel me Because everyday there's a voice in my head screamin' shit like, "You soon blow Abz, you're killing all these shows Abz Your on my Snapchat and my Twitter, bro, your known fam" But my question is, when the buzz decides to leave will they remember me?

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