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4) To avoid them sending an excerpt from the video to your relatives, check that your Facebook account is secure (see how to secure your Facebook account).

Teenagers trapped in webcam sex stings are being blackmailed by foreign "sextortion gangs" - with some youngsters committing suicide as a result.

We of course don’t know how many have fallen for it and failed to report it, but I suspect there are more out there.” The scam starts out with a request to become friends on Facebook with someone who appears to be a very attractive female. “This is a scam and you will look stupid being shown around the office doing something that you really cannot take back,” Cotton posted.

“Once the individuals are friended, the new and lovely lady requests that you do things in front of the camera for ‘her,’” Cotton posted on the police department’s Facebook page. ’ You have been warned.” “As soon as you take part in this grand adventure, the ‘lovely lady’ sends you a message that you will now need to send her between 0 and 0 American dollars,” Cotton continues. “Once it is out there, we can do nothing for you.” By 11 a.m.

3) If possible, delete your mailbox and open a new one, they cannot harass you through this.

If your mailbox is used for professional purposes or is difficult to change, keep it but stop responding to the messages.

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Victims in Plymouth include John Pearn, who told sextortionists to stuffed and urged others to not be cowed by the blackmailers.Terrorising you is their best weapon to force you to pay the sums requested, do not reply to fake emails you receive, even if they seem to come from third parties (You Tube, Facebook, police, lawyers, bailiffs, Interpol, etc).By linking your personal information to terms such as paedophile and sex offender, they will try to make you think you are at fault when actually you are a victim.These are recorded and victims are told footage of their sex session will be made public and sent to friends and family unless they send cash.One teenager stung by an Ivory Coast gang told his blackmailer after being online for just 100 minutes: "I'd rather go and shoot myself, you f***ing trash making people do this."The coldhearted criminal replied: "I thank you I want your money more I will share your video bye?However, at least four victims have killed themselves after webcam ­blackmailers tricked them into performing online sex acts.

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