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film, the brunette beauty, 37, opens up about her desire to become a mom.

“My dream has always been to adopt, so I’m sure that I will adopt at some point…whether I have some of my own or not kind of remains to be seen,” she says.

I Love to party once in a while but I also enjoy staying home on the couch with a wine or beer and having a friend over with benefits ;))So tell me a little about yourself" Celina (Age 26) Cooperstown, ND About CELINA :"Family and friends are extremely important to me.Judaism is important to me and to my identity because of its place in tradition and history.Your identity as a Jew is much more complicated than just a religion or a place to go to.” .Unfortunately, she has a brain disorder that makes her forget everything that happened the day before whenever she falls asleep, so every day, he needs to win her over and make her fall in love with him anew.The plot is nothing new as this movie is a cross between Memento and Groundhog Day both very good movies.2006 - 2006Emmanuelle Chriqui and Clifton Collins, Jr.

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