Ellen page leonardo dicaprio dating

Leo's 1995 rumored fling with Naomi Campbell reportedly fizzled fast, but they became good friends.More than 20 years later, they still get together to look hot on vacation, save Russian tigers, and photobomb 50 Cent.She also provided the voice acting, motion capture, and likeness for the character Jodie Holmes in the video game Beyond: Two Souls (2013).She attended the Halifax Grammar School until grade 10, spent some time at Queen Elizabeth High School, and graduated from the Shambhala School in 2005.

released was a statement that it was an espionage thriller with sci-fi undertones.It only showed men defying gravity in a spinning room.Even the current trailers only reveal that it’s about dreams, with images of cities folding in on themselves and people floating in mid-air."Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose," James typed. "I just meet people and if I go out with them, I go out with them. Kristen Zang, a model who dated Leo for two years (1996-1998), accompanied the actor to the premiere of Romeo Juilet.

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