Eli manning dating

look at all the people saying eli is a loser, he will never be peyton. how many poeple and even supposed giants fans were calling for elis head. i know when i am wrong it is a very hard thing for me to do.

i know he will never be peyton, i want him to be eli. statistically you had a pretty good case but i always felt there was much more to eli than the stats were saying.

Manning, 34, is entering his 12 season with the Giants.

Manning does not often offer much publicly about his personal life, but he is happy to talk about his love of fatherhood.

The New York Giants quarterback and wife Abby Mc Grew announced they are expecting their first child together."They are both so happy and excited.

Their first child, Ava Francis, turns 4 on March 26.who knows, maybe next year it will be the broncos and the giants in the super bowleman07 said: here i am eating some crow.... I thought the receivers were having a better night catching the ball than Eli had throwing it.I give credit where credit is due.have played really well the last month....congrats on making superbowl.go gmen!!!! That catch on the sideline by Toomer was a thing of beauty. He had nice touch on most of his throws, and showed good pocket presence againt the Packers.“However, because this is a pending litigation, I will not be able to answer questions or go into specific details on the matter.LIt's a whirlwind last few days for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.Meanwhile, the Giants and Manning each have filed motions to sanction plaintiffs and counsel for the plaintiffs in the open civil suit, the Daily News has learned.

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